Cisnadie, the town where we manufacture our carpets, has a population of approximately 17 thousand people. It is situated at the foot of Magura mountain, approximately 8 km from Sibiu.
The city was first mentioned in a document in 1204 and it was founded by the Saxon colonists, who named it Heltau.
The geographical location of the town in the close vicinity of the Romanian villages in the Marginime area specialised in breeding sheep, and at the crossroads of some important commercial routes, favoured the development of wool processing since early times.

The first document that certifies the existence of a drapers' guild in Cisnadie dates from 1513, and the first spinning-weaving and finishing enterprise in Cisnadie was founded in 1880 and used steam power. In 1948, before the communist period, there were 102 textile mills in Cisnadie, renowned all over Romania and abroad for the carpets, blankets and cloth they produced. In 1960 the "Textile Mils" in Cisnadie - that had incorporated all the small private enterprises - exported carpets and blankets to more than 30 countries, such as: Germany, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, USA, Spain, Sweden, etc. The emigration of the Saxons in the last decades, as well as the dramatic changes on the market have led to the dissolving of the factory. Nowadays new private enterprises have started to appear. They are flexible to the present day market demands and they make use of the impressive traditions of the town and of the area.